Monday, July 1, 2013

Horror Frog

Latin Name: Trichobatrachus robustus

The Horror Frog, also known as the Hairy Frog because of the hair-like dermal papillae running sown its sides, is a species of frog found in western Africa. This frog is widely known for its unusual self-defense mechanism. When threatened by a predator, the Horror Frog will break its toe bones and forces these sharp bone fragments through its skin to create a set of "claws". After escaping its predator, the Horror Frog retracts its "claws" and the damage tissue regenerates.

Trichobatrachus robustus

What's also unique about these frogs is that they are carnivorous for their entire life. The tadpoles of these frogs are not only more muscular than other tadpoles, but they also possess a set of horned teeth, which they use to hunt down small prey.

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Glass Squid

Latin Family Name: Cranchiidae

The Glass Squid, also known as the Cockatoo Squid, can be found in oceans around the world from shallow waters to 2 kilometers below sea level. There actually about 60 known species of these squids with all of them varying in size (from 10 centimeters to 3 meters) and shape. The name "glass squid" is derived comes from the fact that most species of this squid are transparent. For these special squids, sunlight provides them the perfect camouflage. 

Above: Glass Squid

Many species of the Glass Squid are also bio-luminescent, which means they possess the ability to produce their own light. Not only that, Glass Squids fill themselves with ammonia solution to stay buoyant.

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